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As a loving pet owner, it is natural that you will want to give your guinea pigs the best possible environment for their day-to-day lives. One of the many reasons these animals make such great companions is that they are relatively easy pets, and this is true of keeping them entertained too. A few simple toys can make all the difference.

Guinea pig toys aren’t necessarily interactive in the same way as a dog with a ball or tug rope toy, for instance. As with any pets, guinea pig toys are dictated by their nature, how they like to behave, and sensory interactions they enjoy. In the case of guinea pigs, toys tend to revolve around three things. Firstly, their love of food! Secondly, their tendency to hide away and find small spaces to crawl into, and thirdly, their unique and strong teeth.

Chew Toys

A great example of a suitable toy for Guinea Pigs. A chew toy doesn’t have to be complicated and can be something as simple as a wooden block which your furry friends will delight in chewing and even pushing around their enclosure. Wooden balls are another option, great for playing with as well as gnawing on. Not only will your pet enjoy having something to chew, it will keep their teeth strong and healthy.

If you want something a little more adventurous than just wood, some manufacturers have made chewable toys which also contain edible treats. The Kaytee nut knot nibbler is a great example of a complex shape which your guinea pig can chew for hours, with the reward of a nutty treat in the center.

Tunnels and Bridges

Guinea Pigs love to be active and run around, and they also love to hide themselves away. Tunnel and bridge toys can give them endless fun exploring or just a place to shelter away from sunlight and be alone for some sleep. Tunnels can be made in a ‘DIY’ fashion. Toilet tissue tubes make a good starting point, but the safest method is to buy a tube made specifically for pets.

The Hagen living world pet tunnel is a great option, with a durable and safe design. This tunnel is extendable (just buy multiple tunnels and attach them in the dedicated slots) and can even be tied to the ground to ensure they stay in place. Guinea pigs enjoy noise too and some may even like the sound of the polyester as they run around the tunnel.

Plush Toys and Old Socks

Guinea pigs love having something to cuddle up to, they are sociable animals and love companionship and though a plush toy shouldn’t be instead of a companion, they can be great additions for your guinea pig’s cage. Just ensure you don’t use anything with any dangerous sewn on plastic eyes or anything that could harm your pet. An alternative to a plush to cuddle is an old pair of socks! Stuff them to give a more realistic and cuddly option for your guinea pig.

Guinea pigs are usually pretty content creatures, and a little extra stimulation goes a long way, even helping to keep them healthy. Toys don’t have to be complicated and can even be homemade, so you can simply ensure your pets always have plenty to enrich their lives.

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