Frequently Asked Questions

1. Prewash & dry your new cage liner 1-2 times to prep the fabric
2. Lay your cage liner directly on the bottom of your pet’s cage. (It will go up the sides a bit to ensure a good fit) You don’t need to use any other kind of newspaper or disposable bedding underneath it.
3. Once a day, sweep up loose bits of hay/pellets using a dust pan & brush.
4. Once a week (for one piggy) or every 5 days (for two piggies), shake the liner into a garbage bag, wash, dry, and put back in the cage.

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Q: What size should I get?
A: We have two sizes:
1. Midwest - This liner is designed to fit a 24” x 48” cage. (Most of our customers buy this size)
2. 1x2 C&C - This liner is designed to fit a 28" x 14" cage.

We make our cage liners a couple inches larger than this to ensure a perfect fit.

Q: How is a cage liner different than using fleece on its own?
A: Fleece on its own bunches up, does not absorb (making your piggies sit on a wet surface), and does nothing to help with odor.

Q: My cage size is not offered, can you do a custom order?
A: We’re not able to make custom-sized cage liners because we want to keep our prices low and shipping fast. Not to worry, we’re adding new cage sizes all the time!

Q: How do I wash my cage liner?
A: Wash on cold, no fabric softener; dry on LOW heat or hang to dry. Add vinegar as needed, to help minimize odor.

Q: Can I buy a cage liner for my rabbit?
A: Yes! Cage liners are great for rabbit pens.

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